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Top Tips for Opening Your Speech

​​Open with a Bang! Not a Whimper!

The opening of your speech is designed to do one thing:

Get the audience’s attention so that they will want to hear more.

You can do this by incorporating the following options:

1. Go straight into a story from your very first word. I almost always go straight into my story because it connects with the audience.

2. Ask a powerful question. Questions make your audience think. When they are thinking about your question, they are with you and the connection deepens.

3. Use a startling statement that shocks your audience from their seats.

4. Say nothing at all. Just stand there and stare. That sound of silence – the long pause – creates interest. Try the pause and remember, “He who sleeps in noise awakens in silence”.

5. Use an Activity. You can do this, but I always feel that you can lose impact through the physical disruption that an activity can bring. So, if you do use an activity - use it wisely - because your aim is to ensure that your audience is open to receive your message in body, mind and spirit.

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