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"Tell a Story - Make a Point"

"Tell a story - make a point", from the World Champion Public Speaking 2004, Dr Randy Harvey.

I was absolutely privileged to attend a workshop with Dr Randy Harvey at the Toastmasters International District 70 Annual Conference in Wollongong in 2006.

I was, along with about thirty others, in the presence of the World Champion of Public Speaking, as he delivered a brilliant workshop on how he structured his world championship winning speech “Fat Dad”. (You can access it on YouTube see the link below).

He showed us how he crafted his speech - structure, content and delivery - like a piece of music! However, his main point for me was how he incorporated his stories throughout the speech. I will never forget this brilliant piece of advice: “Tell a story – make a point”. I think this actually came from Bill Gove, but it was Dr Randy Harvey who showed me how to “tell a story to make a point”. I have never forgotten that wonderful learning experience.

So often I hear speakers string a speech together with several stories. The only problem with this is that the speech becomes a series of often unrelated stories and as a consequence, the message gets lost in translation.

So, you need to know what your main points are before you start your speech. Then, you can then recall your own stories for each of your points.

We all have stories to tell, but more importantly, we tell our stories to make our point. Choose your stories to make your message stick!

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