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It’s not rocket science! “Great speakers are not born; they are trained”

Breathing Techniques

It’s not rocket science!

“Great speakers are not born; they are trained”

- Dale Carnegie.

Great speakers are not born; they are most definitely trained. We are all born with the ability to learn, develop and master the art of public speaking and presentation. I believe the following three words can transform your ability to speak with confidence, clarity and success at every presentation:




  1. Respect! Effective public speaking is like any skill – if you want to improve you need the tools, the right feedback and the opportunity to practice. Therefore, you must respect public speaking as a skill that can be learnt, and it takes time and effort. For example, if you fell into the water without knowing how to swim, what happens? If you stand to speak on stage without the preparation or practice, what happens? Think about it! Respect public speaking as a skill that needs to be worked at.

  2. Attitude! So often I hear people talk about the fear of public speaking, which in my opinion, perpetuates fear itself! We speak everyday – just recognise that public speaking is a skill - like swimming, that can mastered! Do not wallow in your fear stories, it is holding you back! Approach public speaking with a positive attitude – the more you practice – the more successful you will become! Leave the fear mongering to others so that you can proceed and progress with confidence.

  3. Professional Coaching! Engage an expert, professional public speaking coach that will give you the tools for success and simplify the whole process:

  • Content

  • Structure and

  • Delivery


Respect the art of public speaking as Skill that can be developed and mastered.

A positive Attitude will determine your success in public speaking and presentation.

Engage a professional coach!

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