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Feedback from Inner West Council for our 

Public Speaking for Teens Workshop

"Kathy delivered a workshop on the power to speak up to a group of students, as part of a youth mentoring program I help deliver. Her role was to encourage students (with the support of their mentors) to find their potential and voice. The workshop was wonderfully structured and I was amazed by how much the students gained in such a short amount of time. Kathy is an amazing teacher with a marvellous presence, I was really pleased at how flexible and adaptable she was with the group of students who immediately responded to her teaching style. I highly recommend her if you are looking   for someone to run a public speaking workshop, you will not be disappointed!"

- Matthew Balane, Community Development Officer
Young People, Tweens & Safety, Leichhardt Inner West Council.


Feedback from Public Speaking with Confidence Course, August 2016

"The prepared  speeches were the most realistic situations for my line of work and most useful/ beneficial for me. The impromptu speaking was the most challenging as it forced me to structure my thoughts more quickly. Experience of speaking infront of a group & advice on the skill when it could be improved was what I liked most about the experience. Speaking Connections provide a fantastic, practical advice to improve speaking that can be used daily."

- Nick H.


Feedback from One to One Coaching

"Speaking Connections has helped me profusely. I have completed two degrees at University and throughout those 8 years I did not learn anywhere near what Kathy has taught me about public speaking. I came to Kathy wanting to learn how to gain confidence in speaking and how to present. Whether it be to a group of people or even as simple as a conversation with somebody else. Over the course of my one to one coaching sessions with her, I can honestly say that the skills I have learnt about projection, body movement, tone and conquering fear have improved immensely. Although I may not present to a large group of people many times in my life I truly feel that I am
equipped with the tools that not only help me in my line of work but in general life situations. I cannot thank Speaking Connections enough for what they have done for me."

- James K.


Feedback from Public Speaking with Confidence Course May 2016

“Interactive” “Amazing” “Dynamic”

" The most beneficial part of the program was the structured format and feedback
provided. It was great coaching by Kathy and Reg, and they packed a great deal of
information and training into the course and I am delighted with the results. Can't
fault the course!"

- Jacob Withey.

"The best part of the course was the interactive nature of the training…well structured…participation and interactivity being the cornerstone"

- Errol B.

"Very impressive and talented trainers. Very useful for all communication areas"

- Andrew M.

 “Brilliant! Lots of practice and good teaching of useful techniques.

- Yvette S.  


“The most beneficial aspect for me was learning all the points I never knew”

- Virginia B.


“I achieved what I wanted to achieve from the course…the best part of the experience for me… was seeing the growth in confidence by all”

- David T.

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