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Wedding Speeches - One-to-one Coaching

A coaching service for anyone making a wedding speech. Wherever you are in the speech writing process, we can help.

Wedding Speeches

“Your wedding day is drawing closer and with the Ceremony, your dress, the flowers, the cake, and the venue finally all under control, the conversation and focus is now all about the preparation of the wedding speeches!



Help is at hand!

Are you not sure how to begin?

  • I will give you the tools to structure your speech

Do you need help with speech writing?

  • I will help you to clarify your thoughts to share your stories

Do you need help with your speech delivery?

  • I will ensure that you engage, connect and entertain the wedding guests



We provide a coaching service for anyone making a wedding speech. Wherever you are in the speech writing process, we can help.

We will give your bridal party the tools to structure their speech, choose the right content and deliver with confidence.

With our help, you will create and deliver a great speech with sincerity, humour, heartfelt stories and love.

Your wedding is unique because it is yours!



  • Identify the key characteristics of the Grooms/Best Man’s Speech

  • Prepare and practice your Best Man’s/Groom’s Speech

  • Present a great Toast

  • Develop appropriate stories for the speech

  • Polish the written words for presentation

  • Practice delivery so that you connect with your audience

  • Control your nerves so that you present with pizazz!


How It Works

The first step is to have a chat on the phone. This conversation is complimentary and allows me to understand what you want to achieve and how we can best work towards achieving that goal.

Just as every wedding is unique, so too is every speech. There are particular stories that need to be shared and memories to be recalled. We can help you to structure your stories, shape your content and deliver your speech in your own way.


We can meet with you one to one, or with the entire wedding party at a mutually convenient time and place.  

Just as every speech is different, so is the way I work with every wedding speaker. Most speakers will fall into one or two of the following categories.


Speech Review

If you have written a speech and would like to get expert feedback, I will go through your draft and give suggestions on to how to improve it. I can then help you structure your speech so that it flows in delivery. Usually there is a one hour consultation to talk about suggested changes.

Structure of Your Wedding Speech

I will give you the tools to structure your speech and incorporate the content. Once you have written your first draft speech, we can meet for two one hour sessions to improve your draft so that it is ready for delivery.


Speech Delivery Training

If your speech is ready and you need to focus on the delivery, I will help you transform the written word into an outstanding presentation.  It’s how we use the voice and incorporate body language that really makes the connections with your audience.


The Full Wedding Package

I help you write, structure and practice your speech so that when the big day comes, you will deliver with confidence. Through rehearsal, practice and feedback you will control your nerves and shine in your wedding speech role. You will be a knock-out!


I am based in Sydney. Coaching is one-to-one – in person, or via Skype.


Prices begin at $295.00


The next step

Contact me for your free telephone consultation or get in touch via email.


Together we will create your speech, your success.

Didn't find what you're looking for?

We design public speaking courses to suit just about any need. Contact us for an obligation free consultation.

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