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We have a wealth of experience in communication and leadership, and are passionate about passing our knowledge on to others. 

 Kathy Stewart  


Training Director

Kathy’s inspiration developed during her early training to become a Speech and Drama Teacher – she was fortunate enough to be a student of the late Katherine Blowen – an outstanding teacher and published poet. Katherine’s knowledge of the voice, language and the art of expression was second to none. Kathy too, became fascinated with the voice and the impact it can have on the hearts and minds of the audience. She learned from Katherine how and why the voice connects the speaker with the audience.


 Kathy's Experience  


Kathy has over twenty five years of experience in the creation, development and delivery of interactive programs and workshops in voice coaching, public speaking, presentation skills and performing arts subjects that aim to develop confident, expressive and effective speech.

She has trained literally thousands of people to develop their best in all facets of communication. She shares this with you not to impress, but to tell you as a teacher she has learnt from teaching them. She says that she “will never stop learning”. Her experience was developed in both the private and public education sectors, as well as non-profit performing arts organisations and retail management.


 Kathy's Qualifications  


  • Graduate Certificate Corporate Management, Deakin University ​

  • Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama), Macquarie University

  • A.T.C.L., Associate Diploma of Teaching, Speech and Drama, Trinity College of London

  • Certified World Class Speaking Coach

  • Certificate 1V Training and Assessment, Inspire Education

  • Certificate 1V TESOL, Cambridge University



 Reg Stewart  


​Corporate Communication and Leadership Trainer
Reg is a corporate leadership and management expert. He has a wealth of experience in the Superannuation and Travel Industries, both in management and corporate training. He has created, coordinated and conducted communication and leadership training for the past twenty years. He firmly believes that everyone can achieve excellence in public speaking and presentation skills, if they are given the right tools. He is passionate about providing people with the communication tools that can transform their lives.


 Our message to you 


Effective communication is not “a nice thing to have”. It is essential if you want to succeed. It is a skill that everyone can learn. 
No matter what profession you are in, what industry you belong to, or what group of people you lead, the way you communicate is the most significant factor in your future success.

Are you ready to develop your Best?
We look forward to hearing from you.

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