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One-to-One Public Speaking Coaching 

Take charge of your nerves and present with power.


What is One to One Coaching?

One to One coaching is an efficient and effective method of training designed for those who are looking to deliver confident, clear and successful public presentations in a short space of time.  

One-to-One programs are designed to meet your specific needs.


One-to-One approach gives you the tools to develop effective and confident communication skills through practice, feedback and presentation.


Course Outline

We help you to create a speech/keynote address based on the three vital aspects of successful presentation:

  1. Structure

  2. Content, and

  3. Delivery.


Course Content

In our session (s) together you will also learn how to:

  • Define your speech/keynote objectives

  • Structure a speech/keynote address

  • Create the right content

  • Deliver your speech/keynote with your own style 

  • Get rid of the fear of public speaking

  • Make body language natural

  • Use your voice for best effect

  • Master the art of story-telling to support you point

  • Manage the Q&A session  

  • Connect with your audience


Benefits of One to One Speech Coaching

  • It is all about you, your needs and desired outcomes.

  • Coaching is arranged at a mutually convenient time and location, in-person or skype.

  • You do not have to worry about other group members.

  • You are able to develop skills in private.

  • You are provided with a faster result.

  • You will receive immediate feedback and the time to practice.

  • Our focus is on your subjects, your skills, your questions, your circumstances and your success.


What will you get from your coaching?

  1. You’ll walk away with a great speech and the tools to prepare and deliver a polished, professional keynote address for any occasion, any time.  That is guaranteed!

  2. You will be provided with an individual Speaking Program Workbook that you can use to log your progress and achievements. You will be able to then refer to these theories and practices to assist you with future presentations.

What if you don’t know where to start your speech?

That is the best time to work with me. Knowing how to structure your speech is the foundation to your success. So, it’s a great idea to start with the right structure first. Once you have the structure, everything else will fall into place. I promise you!

How Does it Work?

You have three choices:

Choice #1
You come to Sydney and we sit down in-person from 10am – 2pm and you walk away with a brand new or very much improved speech.

What does it cost?



Choice #2

We meet Online for two sessions (from 10am – noon each session) and you walk away with the same as Choice#1.

What does it cost?



Choice #3

You come to Sydney and we sit down from 10am – 2pm for two consecutive weeks. This gives you the opportunity to practice, reflect and rehearse your presentation.

What does it cost?


Will there be the opportunity to have follow-up?

Yes! Absolutely! We are here for you.

Why should I work with you, Kathy Stewart?

Well, unlike many speech coaches I am a professionally trained and academically qualified specialist speech coach with a long, rich history of training, teaching, writing and developing excellence in public speaking and presentation skills.


I understand the art and science of the corporate world, as much as I understand the creative world of performance. No matter what world you are presenting in, you need to connect with the hearts and minds of those who you are trying to influence or persuade. I believe that if you are given the right tools, you can make the connections, so that your message is memorable, engaging and influential.

Why not contact Kathy now on 0407958132 for a chat, or leave your details and we'll contact you.

Didn't find what you're looking for?

We design public speaking courses to suit just about any need. Contact us for an obligation free consultation.

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