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Faith is the answer...

I love this time of year!

It’s Christmas!

The gathering of family

And friends, and

the anticipation for what the

new year will bring.


Just for a moment,

Think about your 2016.


List them – they are there!


What challenges have you faced?

You dealt with them...

or you’re dealing with them

Well done!

Challenge is a part of life...

it makes us stronger!


I know of some of your successes...

Give yourself a pat on the back!

Moving forward?

Believe - you can overcome any struggle!

Believe - you can achieve your goals!

Believe - you can do it!

You are a unique, amazingly gifted life force

So, lead your own journey

And believe in You

So that you can

Live your life to the fullest

and embrace the endless possibilities

That are before you.

Have Faith...

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