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How do you hook your audience into your story?

Breathing Techniques


There is nothing like it!

No matter where you present…

Or, to whom…

People of all diversities

Connect to stories.

And every story is more powerful

When the conflict of that story is

Excruciating…because we all know

That eventually that conflict will be resolved.

Without conflict there is no drama…

Without conflict there is no resolution.

Think about your favourite movie or book?

What was it that made you keep watching?

Or, made you turn the page?

It was the conflict!

Certified World Class Speaking coaches suggest that

If you really want to connect with your audience…

1. Identify the Kind of Conflict

  • Person vs. Person

  • Person vs. Society

  • Person vs. Nature

  • Person vs. Himself/herself

2. Establish the conflict early

  • As soon as you have introduced your characters

  • Throw them into battle.

3. Intensify the Conflict

  • It’s not enough to establish it – you must intensify it!

  • Build up the conflict to the point where something’s gotta give!

Do you remember on the Titanic…

The water level kept rising

and rushing down the halls of the ship until

people had to make life-changing decisions?

Watching the movie, we were riveted because

We wanted to see who would survive that horrible situation!

So the question is:

“How will you intensify the conflict in your story

To such a point where something must give?”.

Don’t be afraid to share your stories, and

If you really want to make a connection…

Ramp up the conflict!

Sourced from: World Class Speaking: Craig Valentine and Mitch Meyerson.

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