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Presenting with Confidence Course - 1 Day Course

Take charge of your nerves and present with power.


This interactive workshop will develop your confidence. Discover practical tools to calm and control your nerves and enhance your presentation skills. Presenting with Confidence is a one-day course designed to help you prepare, practice and deliver for your future presentations with confidence.



Course Outline  

Presenting with Confidence is specifically designed for those who need to present for work and need to develop the skills quickly.


We provide you with the tools to structure your presentation, select the right content and deliver with your voice, your style.


Our coaching methods are based on our philosophy that we can all present successfully if we are given the right tools.


Presenting with Confidence combines excellent, practical content with the personal interaction you only get from speaking specialists.


You will work in a small group to ensure you receive maximum benefit and individual attention and feedback on how to improve to present your best.


We offer you the expert guidance that is critical for you to flourish as a public speaker.

Course Content

Presenting with Confidence is a safe haven for you to learn how to:

  • Breathe to calm the nerves

  • Speak clearly

  • Project the voice to be heard and understood

  • Embrace the power of pause to strengthen your message

  • Naturally incorporate body language

  • Incorporate great story telling techniques

  • Use the stage and the lectern for best effect

  • Structure the prepared and impromptu speech

  • Deliver your speech so that you will impact your message.


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Course outcomes

  • Improved ability to structure and deliver your presentation

  • Improved ability to control nerves

  • Increased ability to project your voice to be heard and understood

  • Increased ability to use the presentation space to connect, engage and inspire your audience.

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