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Public Speaking Course for Teens

An interactive and enjoyable introduction to the basics of Speech Presentation. Emphasis will be placed on each student delivering several short speeches, with feedback provided as to where strengths lie and where improvements can be made. Through practice students gain confidence and an understanding of what connects, engages and maintains an audience‘s attention.

Coaching for Results

Apart from immediate feedback after each presentation, students will gain a deeper and broader understanding by observing the presentations of fellow students and receiving their feedback. From the opportunities presented in this course, students should feel confident that their future public presentations will be well received.



  • Prepared and impromptu speaking

  • Developing a solid structure and compelling content

  • Developing stories to make a point

  • Using Anchors - Stories – Analogies – Acronyms – Activities - Videos

  • Opening and closing with Impact

  • Body Language 

  • Vocal expression - the contrasts of pause, pace, pitch and power of the voice


The course covers aspects such as:


  • Relaxation and correct breathing methods

  • Voice projection, clarity and articulation

  • Body language and hand gestures

  • Letting go of fear

  • Practice impromptu speaking

  • Practice structuring and writing and presenting your speech

  • Using Visual Aids effectively



  • Understand the importance of structure, content and delivery techniques

  • Understand the importance of preparation and practice

  • Incorporate and apply presentation tools to engage, connect and inspire an audience

  • Become comfortable and confident with own delivery techniques.


Public Speaking for Teens


  • Assessment

  • Fieldwork – weekly activity, including observing other presenters.

  • Impromptu Speaking – one minute responses to ‘on the spot’ topics.

  • Prepared Presentations – two formal 3-4 minute presentations ‘videotaped’

  • Final Showcase


Course Details

  • Three week course presented at a mutually convenient time

  • Folders, Hand-outs and Worksheets provided

  • Course culminates in a Student Showcase for parents on the final day.

  • Students receive a Certificate of Achievement


Next Step


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