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One to One Coaching

Special Event
Keynote Address

Do you have a special event coming up?
Are you nervous about:

1. What to say?
2. How you’ll sound?
3. Whether they will listen?

One to One coaching will work for you!
You can master the art of public speaking with the right tools.


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Public Speaking with Confidence Course

3 week course

  1. Do you struggle with any kind of public speaking?

  2. Do you want to connect effectively?

  3. Do you need to speak with confidence?


The Public Speaking with Confidence Course is specifically designed for those who struggle to stand up and speak. My coaching method is based on my philosophy that we can all speak effectively if we are given the right tools. And, the more we practice, the more confident we become.


This course is designed for you if:

  • You have a fear of speaking in front of any kind of groups

  • Your work calls on you to make speeches and presentations, but you are not getting the results you know you should


The Public Speaking with Confidence Course is a safe haven for you to develop your best. You will learn:

  • How to breathe to calm the nerves

  • How to effectively project the voice and use the contrasts of pause, pace, pitch and power

  • How to incorporate body language

  • How to use the stage

  • How to speak off the cuff

  • How to structure your presentation

  • How to deliver your presentation so that you connect with your audience


The Public Speaking with Confidence Course will empower you to stand and deliver your message across as a speaker with clarity, conviction and success.

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Public Speaking with Confidence Course in a Day

One Day Course

Do you need to speak in public? Not sure where to start?

Our popular Public Speaking with Confidence in a Day Course features an innovative approach that actually encourages you to get rid of the fear and enjoy public speaking.

We provide you with the tools to develop your voice, your own style and your message as a speaker. Speaking Connections trained public speakers are confident because they have learned to be true to themselves on stage. We believe that you connect more effectively when you speak with your voice.

The One Day Public Speaking with Confidence Course combines excellent, practical content with the personal interaction you only get from public speaking training specialists.

You will work in a small group to ensure you receive maximum benefit and individual advice and feedback on how you can deliver your best.

We offer you the expert guidance that is critical for you to flourish as a public speaker.

You’ll leave full of confidence, armed with the tools to succeed in any public speaking situation.

Did I mention that it will be a creative and enjoyable learning process?

So much public speaking training focuses on complicated theories and rigid rules of what to do and what not to do!  Speaking Connections One Day Public Speaking with Confidence Course is different because we focus on:

  1. Decision, not rules: Rather than giving you a list of rules, we help you to see what effect your body language and vocal delivery have on your audience. You decide on your most effective expressions, based on feedback, and what feels right for you.

  2. Promoting Sincerity: Every speaker has their own unique style. We encourage you to find your speaking style, so you can make a stronger connection with your audience. We believe that when you speak form the heart, your audience will listen.

  3. A creative, positive learning environment: People learn more when they are having fun. We provide a safe learning environment in which you can experiment, explore and discover your own unique style in the presentation space.

  4. Learn with experts: Our Public Speaking with Confidence in a Day Courses are led by Kathy and Reg Stewart who have extensive experience in corporate, community, individual and group training. We provide you with the speaking tools that will transform your ability to speak in public.


Did I mention that it will be great fun?

Course Content

By the end of our Public Speaking with Confidence in a Day course, you will know:

  • How to get rid of the fear factor

  • How to give an impromptu speech

  • How to use body language effectively

  • How to make the most of your speaking voice

  • How to structure your prepared speech

  • How to select the best content

  • How to tell a story to make a point

  • How to practice your speech

  • How to deliver your speech to engage, inspire and transform

  • How to embrace every public speaking opportunity.

​BE PREPARED: This Public Speaking with Confidence in a Day course is highly interactive. Be willing to dive into it!

Be prepared to shine!

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The Sales Pitch and Presentation Plan

​2 night interactive workshop

Imagine your sales people in front of your prospective customers. If their sales presentation is less than professional, we can help you. Your sales team must script, structure, practice and deliver a sales pitch that will position you ahead of your competitors. This course is ideal for people who need to make presentations. You will learn to:

  1. Select the right content

  2. Structure the presentation

  3. Connect with your audience

  4. Manage PowerPoint

  5. Master the Q & A session

  6. Deliver with pizazz!

The Wedding Speeches Course

​2 night interactive workshop

This course is for anyone needing to speak at the wedding, including - Master of Ceremonies, Groom, Best Man, those proposing toasts.

  1. Write and prepare your speech

  2. Rehearse your speech so that when the big day comes – you can deliver a speech of which you can be proud!

  3. Take the stress out of the day – and enjoy the magic!

Corporate ‘In-House’ Course

​2 day interactive workshop

We can work with you to Customise your own Course. Enhance the skills of your employees and reward them with a structured, confidence-building course.

  • Executives

  • Managers

  • Supervisors

  • Specialist Staff

  • New Staff

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Public Speaking for Teens

An interactive and enjoyable introduction to the basics of Speech Presentation. Emphasis will be placed on each student delivering several short speeches, with feedback provided as to where strengths lie and where improvements can be made. Through practice students gain confidence and an understanding of what connects, engages and maintains an audience‘s attention.

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